open house announcements!

Tis' the season for open house announcements at Lance Hill Photography.  Here are some details to help the process a little easier for you…

Graduation parties are a big deal - we get that! That's why we are consistently designing the best looking open house announcements!

We consider your custom Lance Hill announcement to be a signature statement about your style and ours, too.  We want it to be the nicest impression we can achieve together.  When these are posted on refrigerators and lockers both near and far - we want yours to be THE BEST.

We carry custom, designed-from-scratch announcements as well as our pre-designed templates - we incorporate your favorite senior portrait and all of your party details to create a look that is uniquely yours!

The size of our open house announcements are 4"x6".

We can custom create your open house announcements for a $25 design fee.  If you would like a pre-designed template, the design fee is $10.  Keep in mind… we have hundreds of examples!

Pre-designed open house announcements are allowed ONE layout change, all additional changes beyond the first one will be $10 each.

Inquire further about open house announcements here :

peace & spring!