sneak peek: Ellie [Mounds View]

"I had a great experience!! Lance was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.  He was thoughtful and kind!  I liked going outside and taking photos with the elements that complimented my outfits.  I liked that he took the lighting into consideration and I really liked taking pictures by the water!  I had an amazing time!  I have a pageant coming up - there is a photogenic contest and last year I got 1st place in this contest.  The pageant is July 28-29 - I want pictures that stand out from the rest!  Something to impress!" - Ellie

"This was very nice!  I liked all the different backgrounds - it was fun to watch!  My favorite set was Ellie in her white dress by the door.  I also liked the yellow dress in the stone window.  Shots by the lake were so beautiful.  Lance did an outstanding job!" - Ellie's mom