sneak peek : Jay [Concordia]

We had a blast with Jay's senior session. Being able to capture ones passion in a visual form, in this case Jay's skating, brings pleasure to me as an artist. I can't image the rolls of film I would have burned through trying to get this just right - all the polaroids - the hours manipulating the light sources, push processing, waiting for results from the 'lab'. Anybody here remember film? Yeah, old school!

"I have been ice skating since I was 4 years old, for a total of 13 years of figure skating at White Bear Lake Sports Center. Ice skating is my passion in life! I wanted to capture that same passion in photos. Lance Hill seized the passion and more! He captured the energy and fun in ice skating. Every pose in every photo, I could tell that Lance knew what he was doing. He made the pictures really come to life! Thank you SO much Lance Hill! These pictures really embody what I was looking for! I'm so glad I chose to take my senior pictures here!" -Jay