sneak peek : Sierra [Concordia]

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of photographing Sierra for her high school senior portraits. We haven't even gone through all of her images yet, and the favorites just keep piling up! She is extremely photogenic - here are a few of Lance's top picks.

"I absolutely loved every angle and every shot taken by Lance. His experience and ability to capture me truly expressed me. I love how he truly paid attention to the lighting and made me comfortable: from sitting in the ferns, to sitting in the rocks, to played with my eyes! I loved! loved! LOVED everything! Thank you so much!" - Sierra

"Thank you for knowing just the right words to use to guide expression. You captured those eyes, they are a sea of blue, I love the way Lance captured those! The ferns enveloped around her and provided a cool, earthy frame. We gave Lance the 'ok' to come up with great lighting and poses - he totally came through! Who would have thought a sofa outdoors would work for grad pictures? I love it!" - Joanie, Sierra's mom

(tis the season for ferns! ours are beautiful, full in body, and vibrant colored!)