testimonial : Maddie [Mounds View]

"My experience at Lance Hill was really enjoyable! His set is very unique and his suggestions helped a lot. My session felt very personal and I liked how specific he was. I really liked the different option sets and I loved his ideas on poses. Lance was so helpful and he made me feel very comfortable. He was so nice and I loved how he shared his knowledge of photography with me. My favorite set was... all of them! Each set had unique and different aspects that made each shot fun! I loved the field though. I felt comfortable and it was very relaxing overall, the atmosphere at Lance Hill was amazing!" - Maddie

"I honestly loved all the sets. I'm very pleased with the number of photos taken - a lot of them! Lance is a true artist and worked hard and seemed to enjoy himself the whole time. The weather was hot & the sun & the clouds challenged the lighting - but Lance fought back and won every time with fantastic photos!" - Maddie's mom, Jean