testimonial : Lauren [White Bear Lake]

"What I liked the most about taking my pictures here is having the opportunity to do so many different shots & doing things that I thought would be a good idea. Some tips that were helpful were when Lance told me how to smile & when, when to sit up straight, and not to sit almost perfect. My favorite set was the waterfall & the swing! I also loved how I could bring in my snowboard and do a ton of different shots with them! I LOVE IT HERE! :D" - Lauren

"I came with my friend Lauren Sweet. I helped her with her pictures a lot. I had to go to the high school promoted photographer and mine are no where comparable to Lauren's; actually my senior pictures sucked. I wish I could have my pictures done like Lauren's. Mine were shot in weeds; Lauren's were in a beautiful scenery. Lauren is so lucky." - Melissa, Lauren's friend

"Lance has taken all three of my children's pictures for the last 17 years. It is hard to believe that he also took my senior pictures in 1989! There was no question whom would shoot my older daughter's senior pictures when the time came. The outdoor shots are so beautiful with the props and lighting - it's always a challenge to choose!" - Lauren's mom