Testimonial : John M

We've worked with the Moody family for quite a few years now and this entire fabulous testimonial comes from mother, Mary, about her Lance Hill experience over the years:

"Having senior portraits taken has always been a milestone in my family. I was the youngest of 4 and my parents purchased 4 matching frames when my oldest brother had his senior portraits made. Some 12 years later, when I was a senior, that last frame finally receive its portrait! I have followed the tradition of matching frames for my 4 children and I must say that after filling 3 I Hate to see the time pass before I fill that last one. They grow up so fast!!!

My husband and I grew up in Minnesota, but we have raised our children in North Carolina. My sister-in-law, Sandy, is the person I can thank for finding Lance Hill. Every Christmas that her children were seniors in high school we would receive a formal 4x5 portrait and various casual poses in wallet sizes of her children. We were always impressed with the quality of their portraits and the originality in their poses. When our oldest was in the summer before his senior year, we thought we'd have a photo session with Lance Hill Photography since we were going to be up in MN visiting family over the summer.

The photos turned out GREAT - so different than anything that they do here in North Carolina! A few years later, it was our next son's turn and not it has been the third son's - each time - same thing - just terrific! Lance really captures their personality and uses props to bring out the sports that have played such a large part of their high school experience. Everyone asks where we had their senior portraits taken and we always say that we fly all the way to Minnesota to have the done! We have a few years before our daughter becomes a senior, but after seeing how Lance photographed our boys, our nephews and our niece, we look forward to putting that last portrait in the matching frame! Thank you Lance and Ceil, it has been worth every trip!"