For all 2009 seniors!

Hello 2009 Seniors and Family!

This is a limited offer to our select clients.

We have an awesome opportunity to make a phenomenal statement with the images we've created together for your senior portraits.
This one-time only offer will reward you with a larger-than-life image at an unbelievably low cost. The only stipulation is that the order must
be placed by Tuesday, June 16th, and the expected delivery time is approximately 12 days.

For only $30 you can order a 3'x6' (36" x 72") image from any pose you ordered from.

This is a dramatic crop and a dramatic format, this will involve some cropping. Keep that in mind when you choose a pose, the vertical poses will have pole pockets
on the top and bottom of the image. A horizontal can be ordered, but the pole pockets will be on the right and left (short) axis, which requires a different display solution
instead of hanging it.

This will be a straight crop from the original image that you choose. The photograph attached shows two examples of this incredible effect.

Inks are made with automotive-grade pigments designed to resist fading for 2 years. This is a vinyl print made for indoor and outdoor use.

Awesome open house statement! Great impact for your great room! Dorm decor!

This product includes a 1.5" pole pocket on the top and bottom of the image (for vertical, or left and right for horizontal) that allows it to be hung like a tapestry.
If you are interested in 1" poles, we will include those for an additional $5.

Send us an email by the deadline (Tuesday, June 16) if you are interested in this unique offer!

*Must be paid for prior to initiating the order.
**Must have already placed a senior order.
***Poles do not include rope/wire.