senior parent testimony

"Our family is in awe of the incredibly talented Lance Hill of Lance Hill Photography. Erik and Caitlin's senior photo sessions, taken both indoors and out on a late fall day - were pleasant, professional and efficient.  My twin children can be hard to please at nearly 18 years of age, but they thoroughly enjoyed Lance and his camera, even into the cold air! ...

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... when I laid eyes on the final photographs a few months later, I gasped and exclaimed, “These photos are frigging amazing!  Such color, contrast and texture!  I love the framing!”  There are people who can snap a photo, and then there is an artist like Lance, whose aesthetic tastes are sublime ...

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... I, too, enjoyed my times at the studio. Lance and his wife Cecile are so friendly and yet professional.  When I struggled with choosing over the wealth of poses, it was Cecile who helped steer me down the right paths...

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... thank you, Lance and thank you, Cecile.  You guys are awesome!

Gratefully yours,

Kim "

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